Friday, May 6, 2011

The Kinneret Swim for Sadna

Last year, I acted as support staff for the most amazing sports project ever - A WOMEN'S SWIM in the KINNERET to benefit a program in Rosh Tzurim called SADNAT SHILUV. It's a program that helps special needs young people to help and be part of a real community. It helps give them independence and support at the same time.

If you are a swimmer, you should join the fabulous women who are swimming in the Kinneret for the benefit of Sadnat Shiluv.

You will have the experience of a lifetime. (I guarantee it.)

Here's more info:

Swim 4 Sadnat Shiluv Women’s Swim-a-thon Crossing the Kinneret. - is a fundraising event on behalf of Sadnat Shiluv, located in the community of Rosh Tzurim in Gush Etzion, Israel. Sadnat Shiluv encourages maximal integration of special needs individuals (kindergarten through young adulthood) into the community. Thanks to the proceeds of Swim4Sadna 2010, Sadnat Shiluv is providing a safe and secure place for 6 additional young adults to live, study work and lead an independent life in Rosh Tzurim. Integration increases these young adults’ feelings of belonging and encourages them to become active, productive members of their community.
The Swim-a-thon will take place on Wednesday, May 25th. There will be two routes: 3.5k starting at Haon Beach and 1.5k starting at Maagan Beach. Both routes will finish at Tzemach Beach, where there will be a closing ceremony. During the event, the beaches will only be open to women. Men are invited to celebrate with us at the closing ceremony. You are the best judge of your abilities, but we strongly encourage you to training for the event. In order to have optimal swimming conditions, swimmers will start the route at 6:00 am. This is not a race but all swimmers must start at the same time and must stay within the parameters set by the water patrol and life guards.
Registration to Swim4Sadna 2011 open until May 22nd
This is a fundraising event for Sadnat Shiluv. The registration fee will cover the cost of participation, which includes insurance, all permits, access to beaches and their facilities (starting and ending points), police, life guards, medics and ambulance, life rafts, life boats and various other misc. costs. It does not include accommodations and transportation to and from the event. All donations go directly to Sadnat Shiluv. Additionally, we ask that you make a commitment to raise a minimum of NIS 2,000 on behalf of Sadnat Shiluv for the purchase of a third new hostel to house our boys.If you have friends who might be interested in participating, please forward this email to them or send us their contact information.
Included with your swim-a-thon registration is a Women’s Day of Fitness and Health at Chof Tzemach on Tuesday, May 24th. There will be booths, workshops, activities, a musical performance, access to the water park and sleep over at the beach. Guests can join us for NIS 50.
Looking forward to your participation and meeting you at the Kinneret.
Vivienne Glaser & the Organizers of Swim4Sadnat 2011

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