Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost and Found - Thanks, Rabbi Meir

I lost two items.
1 - My comics. No, not Archies or Superman, the comics that I drew of my granddaughters. Last year, I joined a comics group and drew my own cartoons, called, "Bati's Girls," starring my three two-year-old baby granddaughters. We had an exhibition at the end of the school year, and then after I brought my drawings home, they disappeared.
2 - My cellphone. Actually, not having my cell phone was like a vacation to me, but I was missing some very vital numbers, so I really needed it back.
I was on the phone with my niece in America when I told her that I lost my comics and my cellphone, and she put down the phone and disappeared for a moment. When she returned, she said, "You want your phone back, repeat after me. Eloka d'Meir Aneini (G-d of Meir answer me.)" I repeated after her, but wondered what it was all about.
"Now", she said, "you have to give tzedakah, and you'll find what you lost."
I hung up from her and gave tzedakah, and two minutes later the phone turned up. I kid you not. I almost fainted from surprise.
What was that all about?
Most visitors to Israel have traveled to Tiberius to pray by the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness. Known from the mishna, Rabbi Meir was one of the students of Rabbi Akiva. He lived during the period after the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash when Betar was destroyed by the Romans, and when the ten martyrs were killed.
It is said that if one calls out to Hashem and gives tzedakah in his name, Rabbi Meir will help. AS I said, he should give money and say, "Eloka d'Meir Aneini," (G-d of Meir answer me.")

Well, I attest to the fact that it works!!!

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