Friday, October 1, 2010

Good-bye Sukkah

With a tear and a sigh we bid a fond farewell to our dear Sukkah. It is being packed away, not to make an appearance until next year.

For the past seven days, my family has been eating its meals in this temporary shelter. My husband and sons have been sleeping on the porch in our sukkah (despite the mosquitoes). My kids have spent time reading in the sukkah and learning in it, playing games and just hanging around. We also had a giant family Sukkah party with relatives and friends.
My children's and grandchildren's artwork from throughout the years decorate the walls, and the large panels on each wall depict scenes from the Holy Temple and ancient Jerusalem.
As I write these words, the last wall panels have been taken down and put away. It's been a wonderful family togetherness week, and I am already looking forward to taking the canvases out next year.

The Sukkot Also Come Down in Jerusalem
PS - On our family outing to the Old City on the evening after Simchat Torah, we saw the giant Jerusalem Municipality Sukkot coming down as well. There were two humongous ones right at the back of the Kotel Plaza. They were quite beautiful, but their time to be dismantled had come as well.

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  1. lovely, ours is partially put away already. I sent you pics for Voices