Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Youth March Onward

As a highlight of Youth Movement Week, my hometown of Efrat sponsored a march tonight. All three of the Efrat youth groups - Ezra, Bnei Akiva and Religious Scouts - marched in unity from one end of town to the other. No competition, just friendship. From the Eitan Circle at the southern end of Efrat, across the main street and up to the newer part of Efrat, a few hundred children paraded together. On the Zayit, the kids were treated to fireworks and more fun.
I attended the opening of Youth Week. See my blog: . It was fun and noisy. The Youth day hoped to encourage youngsters to join youth groups.
Then tonight's march was really a chavaya (fabulous experience). The kids were cheering and singing and dancing and marching all together. They had banners and flags and torches. Some were on bikes and some on skate boards.
They all cheered, and I cheered them on.
As I waited on my corner, I was greeted by our Mayor Oded Revivi, who came to encourage the children; as did Neta Magen, head of the Matnas, who marched with the kids; a head of our ambulance team; and our head of security who was shoulder to shoulder with the youngsters.
The kids seemed very excited to get out under the stars. It's great to encourage our kids to get out of the house and join a friendly, organized and monitored activity. It gives them a social life and new positive experiences.
Thanks to the Moetza (Local Council) and the Matnas Communitiy Center for the terrific march.
To watch tonight's parade on Gush Etzion TV, click here: