Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing at Every Wedding

There's a Yiddish expression, "Mir ken nisht tantzen oif alleh chassenehs." We can't dance on every wedding.
It loses something in translation, of course, but it means that a person just cannot do EVERYTHING!!!
Well, for the past month, I've been trying to dance on every wedding (participate in every single event that came my way) and I have proven that the expression is TRUE!!
I have failed miserably at doing too many projects. (Result - I have been less than satisfactory in just about everything.)
* I have spent the last month rehearsing almost every night for the newest Raise Your Spirits production, JUDGE, The Song of Devora. (Result - I have been too exhausted for real work or for visiting my children and grandchildren.)
* And when I wasn't rehearsing, I was working on the Playbill for the show. (Result - I was so busy, I couldn't finish the playbill and had to hand it over to another volunteer.)
* Then I was attempting to work on VOICES Magazine at every free moment. (Result - VOICES came out weeks late.)
* I tried to film and edit videos for VOICES TV. (Result - I have 10 unedited videos that I have no time to complete.)
* I really wanted to go to my friends' simchas (celebrations) if possible, even with this busy schedule. (Result - I missed most simchas, and the ones I got to, I arrived very late.)
* I had to turn down many events, because even for me they weren't possible. (Result - lots of disappointed folks.)
* So many things happened over the past month that have been perfect for blog topics, but who had time to write them. (Result - projects/programs/events that you should know about are just fleeting memories. I hope one day I can remember them and write about them.)
Well, rehearsals are over now.!!! We just began our performance season - more about that in another blog - so I hope my life will calm down a bit, and we'll be back to chatting every day.
I miss you. I hope you missed me too.

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  1. In wedding every one is excited for the dance. And in the wedding mane part is the dance. And there is no wedding without dance.