Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing on Stage

Well, I told you that no one can dance at every wedding, but I have been doing a lot of dancing lately - and singing too.
I took the stage along with about 60 other women on Sunday night in the newest show by the Raise Your Spirits Theatre Company that I founded nine years ago. Over the past nine years, we have performed six productions, three of which I was honored to have co-written.
The latest is called, JUDGE! The Song of Devora, and it tells the story of the judge and prophet Devora's triumph over the Canaanite forces of General Sisera and King Yavin. (More on the story another time.)
In JUDGE!, which has gotten fantabulastic reviews by all who have seen it, we dance 'til we drop. The choreography by Sara Orenstein is just superb.
It's full of silly fun, like in the number "Judge."
It's full of fervor and dedication, like in the "Song of the Galil", when the tribes of Israel come together to fight the Canaanites.
It's full of drama and intensity in the dance, "War", which pits the Jewish fighters (really farmers and scholars) against the highly trained and armed Canaanites.
Dancing on stage now every week for the next few months is going to be loads of fun. I hope that the women that read this blog will be able to join me at the show in Gush Etzion. Details on the website - . You can even order tickets on line. What a world!
The gorgeous photos above were shot by Rebecca Flash Kowalsky, .
JUDGE! was written by Toby Klein Greenwald and Yael Valier. It was composed by Mitch Clyman.

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