Sunday, October 10, 2010

Israel Launches Youth Movement Week

In a world where children today are accosted by television, video, facebook, internet, playbox (if that's what it's called) and everything else, it's time to get back to basics - kids playing with other kids in a safe fun environment.
I.E. Youth groups.
Remember youth groups?
More or less everyone belonged to one.
In the Diaspora, many of us had youth groups in our local synagogues. They tied us to Israel and taught us more about doing mitzvot (commandments) and being part of a community.
Throughout the history of the State of Israel, youth movements and youth group activities have been very important. They have given Israeli youth a sense of belonging and brotherhood that is so important in a society, such as ours, that depends on all of us sticking together.
Today in Efrat and throughout Israel, young people launched YOUTH MOVEMENT WEEK with activities and fun to encourage children everywhere to join a youth group. It's a project encouraged by the Ministry of Education. In fact, the Ministry of Education feels that youth affiliation is so important that schools nationwide will get points, according to the percentage of students who participate in youth movements.
In my hometown, there are Bnei Akiva, Ezra, and Religious Scouts. Other towns have Ariel, Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts and HaShomer HaTzair.
There's something for everyone, hopefully - a safe happy place where kids can find friends and positive things to do.
If you live in Israel, help your child find his/her place in a youth group.
Take a look.
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In Hebrew:

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