Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Click Away From Happiness

There are so many groups for singles out there, you'd think all the singles around would be matched up alread. Well, making matches isn't easy, in fact, there's a story that a sage was asked, "What has G-d been busy with after He finished creating the world in the first seven days?" The answer was, "Making matches."
We also know that making a shiddach (match) is as difficult as splitting the sea.
I guess many singles get discouraged when they try and try and don't find their beshert (destined mate). Then again, there are folks, like my nephew Arye, who are always trying to think of new innovative ways to bring folks together. If you're an observant young adult living in Israel, this is for you!

Here's Arye's latest project:
A Click Away From Happiness -
Shalom one and all, finally a serious facebook group for young Modern Orthodox singles: Intended for the more type American Modern Orthodox crowd (though not limited to only Anglos), this will hopefully bring together Jews from all over: Katamon, Nachlaot, Raanana, Efrat, Beit-Shemesh etc'... Please feel free to forward this to any singles who answer the criteria below. And yes, many singles shy away from these type of things. Well it's time to grow up and work towards romance!

(From the group detail):
We're all looking for that one person we can really 'click' with, hopefully here you can find that and they may be literally just one mouse click away. This group is intended for young (21-29 only) Israeli or Anglo Modern Orthodox Jewish men and women who are looking to find mr/mrs right (in Israel)!

There are MANY groups like this on facebook and on the internet in general but we have found that the target audience has been too wide and often most singles shy away from such groups. Well here's a chance of breaking the stigma and stereotype.This group will only work if YOU invite the proper people. To make sure this will be full of only quality people looking for the real deal. Feel free to invite your own amazing single friends even if you yourself aren't single anymore.

The purposes of this group:
1) To help you find your soul-mate directly via the group.
2) To help you find your soul-mate by expanding your circle of friends
3) To help you not feel alone in the often harsh dating world.!/group.php?gid=111842375542957&ref=mf

For any questions or comments please feel free to email me at:

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