Friday, July 16, 2010

Comic Encounters

Over the past school year, I had the terrifically fun opportunity to learning to draw comics from the talented comics artist Shlomi Charka. My class included ten 12 year old boys and me. Before the semester ended a teenage girl joined us. We were an interesting mix, but we did very well together. You can read about in here:
All year, Shlomi Charka taught us the elements that went into make a great comic - story line, character, perspective, shadows, color, etc. Then it was up to us to draw away.

Often, I found myself laughing at loud in class at the comments of my fellow artists. There was one boy who was constantly drawing political figures - Obama, Bibi, Peres, Lieberman. I said, "You're 12. Why are you drawing Obama. Draw a soccer game." He smiled, "I'm older than my years."
Other boys teamed up with comics on space creatures and shlemazel friends. They laughed and fought and worked and came out with pretty clever comic strips.
Our year of comics has ended. I can't wait to do it again!!!
Meanwhile, our comics have been hung in the exhibit area of the Efrat Library. Almost everyone from our class is represented. I'm sorry not everyone handed in their work. We're proud of each other's comics, and I think we really enjoyed drawing together.
You are invited to the Efrat Library Exhibit Hall to view the COMICS of Shlomi Charka's Comic Club. Bring your kids. You never know, it might awake a budding cartoonist in your child or yourself.

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