Friday, July 23, 2010

Kosher on the Continent

Since my return last week from Europe, I have wanted to write to you about Hermolis.Com. (Nooooo, I don't get a percentage, or even a company pen. I just am so grateful to them for making out stay in England so simple.) Hermolis provided all our meals in London - breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even sent over a delicious Hermolis birthday cake for my sister's birthday.
Every morning we arose to a delicious breakfast with everything we needed - yogurt, eggs, fruit salad, orange juice, etc. For lunch they sent us sandwiches for our tiyulim (tours). And at night, our dinners were just delicious - veal, roast beef, chicken.
You see, if you're not familiar with which brands are permissible, England is not the simplest place to obtain kosher food. There are few kashruth certifications on food. It's not like the US, which has certifications on every kosher product - and there are zillions.
In London, you can get tons of certified CHALAL food (that's kosher for Muslims), but Jewish kashruth certificates were not that readily visible.
My friend forwarded me to a book about keeping kosher in England. I kept it with me at all times, but using the book wasn't as easy as you'd think. Many items/stores are just not even mentioned.
The Hermolis Giant
Then, there was Hermolis.
Hermolis began as a restaurant operator almost 50 years ago. Today Hermolis and Company Ltd is Europe's largest manufacturer of Kosher foods.
Its food is under the kashruth supervision of "Kedassia" which is the most stringent religious organisation in this country and accepted worldwide.
They deliver their delicious food all over Europe. For a kosher traveler, that's a real bracha (blessing).
If you're going traveling in the upcoming year, stop worrying where your next meal will come from. Just contact and let them do the rest. Just remember your camera.

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