Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bonjour, Paris (#14)

Our days in London were so packed, we were on the run from morning through night. We ran into all kinds of interesting folks. like those who roared at every score or lack thereof in the World Cup soccer game. Or those who sat out in cafes smoking hooka pipes all night.
We drove to the train station and boarded the Chunnel from London to Paris. The Chunnel is a comfortable high speed train from London to Paris.
The trip was so short, I didn't even have time to read a book.
When we got off in Paris, we were surrounded with long-skirted, scarf-covered ladies. Since we relate to everything from our own perspective, I mistook them for yishuv-y (settlement-like) women who perhaps were down on their luck. My brother-in-law immediately told us that the women were gypsies. We were instructed to shoo them away whenever they started to gather. They are pickpockets. It was only then that I noticed the signs, "Beware of pickpockets." That sign is in quite a number of places in Paris. B"H, we got to the hotel with our wallets at our sides. (From all the pickpocket signs around Paris, that sounds like we were very lucky.)

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