Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jenny The Cabbie (#9)

We’ve been driving around all over London in cabs this week, and I finally met my first female taxi driver, Jenny the Cabbie. She’s been on the job for the past six months, and she’s pretty happy as a cabbie. She works flexible hours, as much as she wants or as little, like any cabbie.
There are thousands of cabbies in London. Most work part time, and Jenny said that many are firemen. Hm.
A cabbie in London studies the streets of the city for two years before s/he can go to work. Once they’re on the job, they can take a six month course on the history of the city.
Jenny showed us the bridge under which Jack the Ripper did his dirty business, and the shiny granite skyscrapers called, “The City”.
She dropped us at The Tower of London and wished us a jolly day. I guess wishing someone a jolly day at the entrance to a castle full of torture chambers sounds odd, but it seemed fine for London.

I told you in a previous post that they love gore here. So although I cringed when I saw the rack (those poor people, it really was a terrible tragedy), the rest of the Tower was terrific (more in another blog) and we really did have a jolly time.

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