Sunday, July 18, 2010

MADA Education

Last week, the Efrat Emergency Medical Center opened its doors to the general public for an afternoon of workshops on CPR. The CPR demonstration was conceived, organized and run by Efrat Magen David Adom personnel.
Sessions ran both in Hebrew and English, as Efratians were taught the rudimentary skills of helping a child or adult who suddenly collapses or chokes.
A large number of MADA (Magen David Adom) Emergency medical personnel were on hand to demonstrate the correct CPR procedures and walk residents through the steps. The workshops were designed theoretically to make ordinary individuals feel that they can make a difference in saving someone's life.
The workshops had rubber dummies in both adult and children sizes so that residents could practice on both. There were First Aid packs available for sale, provided MADA, Jerusalem.
The evening-long initiative was a comprehensive program equipped and funded by the MADA Efrat Team and Efrat's Security Department.
A film ran in the auditorium, showing how a teenage MADA volunteer saved the life of a teacher in the local high school, thanks to the student's CPR training.
I was in awe of everyone who succeeded in understanding how to perform CPR correctly. The session made me understand the importance of CPR, and also realize that I know almost nothing about the CPR procedure. I hope I am never put to the test, but in order to save a life, if it is necessary, I need to really know CPR, and therefore, it caused me and hopefully lots of other people to register for further courses.
I signed up for a 4 hour course, but there are more comprehensive 30 hour courses and even 60 hour courses.
Thanks to all those who planned and participated in this program. Here's to a safer healthier town.


  1. First aid is so important to know. Many years ago, soon after reading about the Heimlich maneuver for removing something from a choking person's throat, I had to do it on my youngest child when an ice cube got caught. My husband's cousin had to do CPR on her daughter around the same time, also because of an ice cube.

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