Friday, July 16, 2010

While You Were Cooking....Demo on Zayit

While you were cooking, I went over to the Zayit to see the weekly demonstration by anarchists, leftwing Israelis, vacationing Americans and Arabs. This demonstration is near the fence of the Zayit. After watching an eye-opening video of anarchists/Israelis/Arabs so easily cut through the metal fence in 2007 at Carmei Tzur,, I was surprised that the demonstrators were allowed to come so close to the fence.
Right near the Heftziba apartment houses on the Zayit, Arabs were screaming, "1234 Please leave Palestine. 1234 Please leave Palestine." They were taunting Israeli soldiers. And when they saw they were being photographed, they screamed, "Camera, camera." (What was that supposed to do?)
Today's demonstration was haughty, more than violent. (I guess many demonstrators were at the beach.) Zayit residents have said that it is sometimes violent.
The weekly demonstrations vary in size, but in general, the movement for these demonstrations is becoming more popular and getting more support. The demonstrators have a brilliant system that saves manpower and exerts the most damage possible.
They rent a bus and bring demonstrators from place to place. They demonstrate an hour here, then an hour there, and back on the bus. Locals or demonstrators particular for that location join them. They don't really have a message - sometimes they're against the wall, sometimes settlement, but mostly they're against the existence of the State of Israel.
While the majority of demonstrators are not local Arabs, unfortunately they fire up the local Arab community to continue their work, trying to intimidate the soldiers and the Jewish town they are accosting.
While the demonstrations started with only a few isolated areas, they are now up to ten locations. In the Efrat/Gush Etzion region, the demonstrations against Carmei Tzur are getting increasing violent. Here is a glimpse of past anarchist activity (2007) in Carmei Tzur:
In addition, Efrat now has two Arab towns participating in demonstrations against both the community and the Wall – Al Ma'asara and Wadi Rachal. I wrote about Al Ma'asara's weekly demonstrations in a previous blog:
Anarchists against the Wall has a great summary of the latest demonstrations – with text and videos. You can read them/see them here:
Furthermore, Ilan Shalif, a freedom anarchist communist, recently wrote a summary of the demonstrations held now all around in Israel (not all behind the green line) that are meant, not truly as a fight against the wall or the "occupation", but to bring down the entire State of Israel.
Ilan wrote, "It seems that the increased number (already 10) of locations of persistent joint struggles reported in the Israeli media, and especially the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah, resurrect the Israeli radical left. The Friday joint demonstration of about 500 participants in Silwan against home demolitions was the largest one seen so far. It was a respectful addition to the more confrontational regular weekend joint demonstrations in the west bank: Beit Jala, Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Hebron, Ma'asara, Nebi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Wadi Rahal, and Wallaje."
Ilan says that anarchists are "modern prophets". He explains that they are not pacifists and apply counter violence in order to protect themselves or "achieve success in class war". He added, "We damage barriers that obstruct our way in a demo. We may cause other property damages when appropriate…" He has even written a "cookbook" for the take over of anarchy and communism.
It is time for the State of Israel, the Army, the police and local governments to take these anarchists seriously and determine an effective policy to deal with the damage they cause.
One interesting note, organizers of each of the demonstrations ask foreign women to please wear modest clothing, so as not to upset the Arabs. (One day the Jewish people will have the pride to write and sincerely mean, "Please wear modest clothing so as not to offend the Jewish nation and the G-d of Israel.")
Here is a small glimpse of the Anarchist/Leftwing/Arab demonstration today at the gate by the Zayit Hill of Efrat:

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