Friday, October 30, 2009

Rachel's Children

Yesterday to commemorate the yahrzeit of our Matriarch Rachel, I attended a children's event. I guess I could have joined the 150,000 people who successfully reached Rachel Emainu's resting place, but I commemorated the event with the younger generation instead.
About 100 children gathered in Efrat's Kol BeRamah synagogue on the Zayit for an International Children's Prayer event. Children had gathered in about 300 locations around the world to prayer "together."
They watched a video about Kever Rachel, learned about "Healing and Prayer" together with their friends or parents and then with a live radio hook-up said tehillim and tefillot, and sang with children all over the world.
Zayit's Lionel Amar was the skillful MC (and probably, coordinator) of the afternoon. And Rav Baruch talked to the children about Rachel Emainu. The children's interaction with the rav was very enthusiastic.
The parents of yesterday's attendees should be proud of their children, who were very well-behaved and active in their participation.
Children learn every week at Kol BeRamah in sessions of Avot UBanim - learning Parshat Hashavua from MiBereishit. It's a great program and worthy of each child's and parent's participation.
I videoed the event, and IY"H, hope to post it on .
Added note: The women of Efrat have a particularly close relationship to Rachel Emainu. Every Tuesday for the past eight years, a group of women have been traveling there to pray and listen to a shiur. This activity is in memory of Efratian Sarah Blaustein, HY"D, a Kever Rachel volunteer during those violent days of 2001. Everyone is invited to join Efratians at Rachel's Tomb every Tuesday morning - leaving from the Matnas Efrat at 8:20 AM.

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