Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Cleaner Greener Town and World

I had the opportunity to interview Efrat's Mayor Oded Revivi today. We chatted about Efrat's participation in an International Environmental Day that's happening, IY"H, "this weekend" October 23 and 24.

Oded said that he's sure the world didn't plan this, but the Jewish people know there is nothing by chance, and it happens that there can't be a better day to think about the environment than this Shabbat, Parshat Noah. Five thousand years ago, Hashem destroyed the world and began again. It has been up to man for all those centuries to protect the world that Hashem gave us. (Sadly, we haven't done such a great job.)

Well, Efrat wants to help make a tikkun (correction) and do its part to help the environment.

The Teva Ivri (Hebrew Nature) Association is working to set Parshat Noah as the "Shabbat of Sustainability" among the Israeil public. Efrat is planning on joining in the observances.

On Friday at the Te'ena Shopping Center, there will be all kinds of environmental activities. There will even be workshops and displays in people's homes around Efrat, dealing with different issues like composting, saving water, and solar energy.

On Shabbat, there will be environmentally related shiurim.

The entire project is very fascinating - and a cooperative effort by the Efrat Local Council, its religious council and its community center. Kol hakavod.

To find out more, click on these two videos:

Efrat Green City Event - Friday, Oct. 23 (Hebrew)

Efrat Green City Event - Friday, Oct. 23 (English)

We only have one world, and we should each do our best to keep it green and clean and safe and sustainable.

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