Friday, October 16, 2009

New Voices

This week, VOICES came out with a newly-formatted magazine. And B"H, we got a lot of good feedback. Someone told me she thought it was "classy" and then someone else said that it seemed very "friendly". Someone said, "Yeah, I got my Voices just in time for Shabbat." And someone else told me, "I can fit it in my bag for the bus."
So, B"H, it seems that the newly-formatted VOICES has something for everyone.
Then, there's the website, . Hooray to the fact that so many people love the new website. They enjoy watching the videos, and although the quality decreases on the web, the videos are fun to watch, and I'm working on trying to make them better all the time.
Last night I uploaded the latest video column from Batya Medad, "VOICES from Shiloh," , and there's much more coming next week, IY"H.
Writing/editing a magazine AND website is the job of ten people, and yet my office is pretty lonely. I do thank all those people who send me great ideas. You can too - . And if you've got something great that you've videoed and would like to share, then please send it alone.
It's a New Voices with new and endless opportunities.
Thanks for being a part of it all.

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