Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The SKYPE's the Limit

I had a very nice face-to-face conversation with my sister today, and then tonight she came over. That sounds pretty regular, but today my sister was in ROMANIA and tonight she was in my office in ISRAEL. And you know what? When she walked in, it seemed very natural, and very, "So, as I was saying, etc. etc."
We were talking across Europe today on SKYPE, videotelephoning. She told me all about the Eastern European countries she had visited, and about the rainy and miserable weather in Europe (don't you wish we had some of that "rainy miserable" weather here!!!!). Then after a full day on the continent, she and my brother-in-law caught a plane and popped over to my house.
Is this 21st century stuff, or what?
I'm listed on SKYPE with four friends - my Voices webmaster, my videography teacher, my fellow committee member from the Committee for Gush Katif Bridal Showers, and my sister. When I see one of their names light up, I just send a quick message, "Hope you're having a great day." If they're not busy, we usually share a video call for a few minutes, or we just write, "Hi. Glad to see your name on my screen."
Tonight, my niece CB, whom I wrote about yesterday (see blog below) was home (where else should she be with a broken ankle??) in her wheelchair. She SKYPED me for the first time. That was cool. My dearest mother ad 120, my lovely daughter-in-law and sweet daughter joined me at my desk. Everyone was on screen. CB saw us all on the computer screen and we saw her. We had a 40 minute GREAT conversation. What fun! We really felt like we were just sitting together shmoozing.
CB showed us her purple cast (can you believe casts can come in colors??). She showed us the couch that she sleeps on in the den. She showed us her wheelchair tricks (wheelies and 360 turns).
So, earlier today, I SKYPED to Europe and tonight to the US. It's a new world in which we really can stay together (no matter the distance) with very little effort. Just press a button and you can visit with friends and loved ones anywhere anytime. Yes, the SKYPE's the Limit!!

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  1. It is all truly amazing! I loved feeling like I was sitting and schmoozing with you in your office! Yay SKYPE!
    Love, CB