Monday, October 19, 2009

The Family Dance

Last night, B"H, my family celebrated the wedding of my nephew Dovie to Naama. Mazel tov to the bride and groom, to my brother and sister-in-law, my dearest mother ad 120, and the entire family.
The simcha was humongous, leibedik (full of joy), and so spirited that celebrants were literally flying around the dance floor. Every single member of my family danced all night (until about 2 AM) - everyone, even my niece CB who was in America with a double-broken ankle.
Well, you might think that someone in a wheelchair can't really dance, and she especially can't, if she's in America, and we're "hulya-ing" (celebrating) in Israel. Well, think again.
After the bride and groom, the MVP of last night's wedding was my own son Micha. Micha brought his laptop to the wedding and hooked it up to internet. He set up a station right next to the chuppah, and held up the laptop throughout the whole ceremony so that CB wouldn't miss a thing. And so it was that every member of our family stood together at this beautiful chuppah, even my niece in the US.
Actually, CB wasn't alone in America. Her sister-in-law's parents from Chicago were on the east coast, and drove over to be with her for the ceremony and part of the party. Together they watched and waved and swayed, sang and laughed and cried. So, while we had our entire family here, she had family there as well.
When the meal began, Micha set up the laptop right next to his dinner table. CB watched and chatted with the family throughout the night. And when the dancing began, at first she watched the groom's friends whirl in a frenzied "Siman Tov UMazel Tov" dance. And then every family member from our family's matriarch (may she live and be well until 120) down to our youngest baby took turns dancing for and with my neice via the laptop.
We bopped, moonwalked, jumped, tapped, clapped and twirled. CB never missed a beat. She was almost holding our hands through the screen. We were connected for six hours, and she was never alone for a minute.
Micha's act of chesed wasn't anything special for him. To Micha, it was just natural that his cousin should be on the scene when her little brother started a new life. He made the hook-up happen, and every single family member made sure that it was meaningful, magical and an evening to remember forever FOR EVERYONE.
Mazel tov to Dovie and Naama, and everyone. Refuah shelaimah to CB. May our family stay "connected" forever.


  1. What a lovely story. Send it to Havel Havelim!

  2. It was one of the most touching experiences in my life. What you all did for me by having the lap top there was amazing. Not only was I an observer of the wedding but I was an active participant. I couldn't believe how long you all actually interacted with me. To interact with a computer screen for the course of an entire wedding is just unreal. I saw the chuppah and then you all chatted with me afterwards. I saw the dancing on the dance floor and then you all danced with me. You sat me by the table where you were all eating and I got to enjoy the table talk and atmosphere. My little nieces, nephews and cousins kept coming over to the computer, blowing me kisses and talking to me. I saw all of our friends and neighbors from all over Israel. EVERYONE came over to the computer. I saw the hours go by and ppl start to leave. I saw you all change the children from their beautiful clothing into their pj's for the road home. The chosson and kallah came over to me and I saw my brother's face all lit up. My baby brother married...and I WAS THERE. I can never thank you all, my dear family , for the fantastic mitzvah that you did and enabled me to do. Actually, it was a few mitzvot. I answered amen to the live brachot under the chupah. I did hachnasat kallah. You did bikur cholim. It could have been a miserable day for me stuck here in N.Y with a smashed ankle and no family. Instead, it was a wonderful day and I was EXHAUSTED from all of my wheelchair dancing that I did with you.This could not have happened 10 yrs ago. Boruch Hashem for modern technology.
    I miss you all and love you more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, CB

  3. sharon, your description of the wedding was beautiful. how luck CB is to have cousins so talented with the computer to be able to accomplish this feat. Mazel Tov to Fern and Avi, to Bubby Dobular and the entire family.
    Shelly T. Lawrence, NY