Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotem's Park

I just got back from the dedication of a park - ROTEM'S PARK - in the Gush Etzion Early Childhood Center. The park is really a play area for the first and second graders of the Gush Etzion regional school. It has a beautiful green hill (perfect to tumble sault down - remember when we used to do that?), a small playground, and a gorgeous new wall of mosaic flowers, designed by Sharon Brand.
All the early childhood classes of the Gush Etzion school participated, as did Mayor Shaul Goldstein and other area dignitaries. Also present were the parents who dedicated the park - the parents of Rotem Jacobs, o'h.
Rotem Jacobs, o'h, was a first grader who passed away more than a year ago of cancer. She was bright little ball of sunshine that loved her family, school and her friends. Her parents could see no better way to perpetuate her memory than at the school she loved so well. Her picture is on the monument at the top of the park - forever young and sweet.
May Rotem's memory be for a blessing. And may many children find happiness and friendship in Rotem's Park.
A video of the dedication ceremony will be up to view in the next few days at .

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