Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dance Mall

Once upon a time, you could go into a dance hall and pay your dime for hours of fun jitter-bugging, waltzing, or doing the tango. I don't know if there are any Dance Halls any more, but there is definitely a Dance Mall.
My family went to dinner in Café Rimon in Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall tonight. As we approached, music flowed from nearby and we noticed a big crowd.
It was Monday night dancing on Alrov Mamilla Avenue, led by Moti Kozer. Every Monday night Jerusalemites have been gathering to trip the light fantastic.
There were line dances and partner dances, Israeli dances, salsa, rock, cha cha, and more. There were old people and young people. Everyone seemed so in synch with one another. I didn't realize that many of these folks have been dancing together for months.
My grandbabies loved watching the dancing. So did I.
After dinner, we strolled through Mamilla and saw a number of street performers entertaining the crowd. Folks were standing in little clumps, swaying with the beat.
There was something for everyone. A night of culture and fun in the big city.
In the next few days, I'm going to put up a video of Dance Mall on my website, http://www.voices-magazine.com/ . Stay tuned.

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