Monday, November 2, 2009

Loving & Hating Computers

There are probably a billion blogs from anywhere in the world about our love-hate relationship with our computer.
When computers work, they can change the world - they can control spacecraft; they can predict the weather; they can help make shidduchim (matches) via, Saw You at Sinai and other dating sites; they can let you stay in touch with your friends via email, facebook and IM; they can let you SEE your Mom on SKYPE; they can help with you homework or research just about anything; they can calculate your expenses; or make slideshows of your photos.
Computers allow me to create and publish a monthly magazine here in Israel and present it to the WORLD at . They also allow me to show videos about life in Israel and my local Efrat/Gush Etzion region.
That's when they work.
When they don't work, they make us tear our hair out (thank G-d, I wear a hat so no one sees the bald spots), complain ad nauseum to our friends, family and blogs, contact every computer whiz in the universe for help.
One of my computer programs - Windows Movie Maker - has been giving me error messages every day for more than a week, and refusing to allow me to compress my videos. That may sound like Greek, but in short, the program has been keeping me from working for a week, and making me waste my day from morning until night to find a solution.
B"H, I have a great back-up of friends and advisors that always come to the rescue - in this case my webmaster Beth Lanin, my videography coach Jesse Schechter, my web mentor Avi Abelow and my computer technicians Y.Z.M. Computers in Betar. They have been on TEAMVIEWER, SKYPE and even the old fashioned telephone with me, all trying to help me with my computer program.
They say that computers will isolate each of us in our own little computer world in our own little cubicle and office, but I have found that using computers correctly, they indeed bring us together, especially when we've got a computer crisis.
So, while we love computers when they work, we can love them when they go haywire too, because they show us how much people are willing to "chip" in to help one another.

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