Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrating the Past, Celebrating the Future

After all the lousy news in the past few days (I don't have to go into it, I'm sure. Just read the internet or open a paper.), tonight was an UP in my neighborhood.
A lovely Bat Mitzvah girl celebrated her big night with an international affair. I found myself sitting in "Bolivia" while other friends were in "Canada" and "Costa Rica". Flags from different countries decorated the blue and white tables. It took me a while to figure out (actually, my friend had to tell me) that the countries represented those that voted in favor of the partition of the State of Israel 62 years ago on November 29th.


Someone at my table mentioned that she heard on the news that if the nations of the world would have voted today, the State of Israel never would have been created.
Quite possibly, but they didn't vote today. They voted 62 years ago, and B"H, there was reason then to dance in the streets. Even though 78% of the British Mandate went on to become Jordan, while the Jewish State was left with slivers of land, there was still reason to celebrate. After 2000 years, we were finally a nation with a land of its own once again.
Now it's 62 years later and Yael Pessin is a Bat Mitzvah. She could have chosen any theme for her special simcha, but she chose to recall that day on November 29, 1947 that Hashem made a miracle for Am Yisrael through the most unlikely source, the United Nations.
We've come a long way since then. G-d has fought our battles, and blessed our people.
Today's news seems blacker than ever - the lives of our people are threatened, chas v'shalom, by the imminent release of 1000 mass murderers, and the lives of our pioneering towns are threatened, G-d forbid, by the imminent freeze (read halt) to construction in Judea and Samaria. But we've still got a reason to dance. It's 62 years since Israel was partitioned and we've got six million Jews living here from north to south, east to west. We've built businesses and museums, yeshivot and universities, parks and houses of prayer.
Bibi and Barak can do what they like, but ultimately, G-d runs the world, and everything He does is to benefit the Jewish people.
Despite today's threats to our existence in Yo"sh, IY"H, our hilltops will one day be covered with Jewish children at play, and we will thank Hashem for bringing us through these dark days.


Every time a Jew comes HOME to Israel, he is affirming Hashem's promise to Avraham, the eternity of the Jewish people in their land. Thousands of Olim (immigrants) return to Israel every year, but few with as much pow and pizzazz as Efratian Zahava Englard.
Active in her community and the One Israel Fund, living a fabulous suburban life, Zahava moved her family to Judea to live our National Dream.
Never one to ride off quietly into the sunset, Zahava documented her departure from America and the exciting details of Aliyah, as well as her life as a certified Israeli. Her new book, Settling for More, is a scream and an inspiration.

Zahava could have settled into her suburban life in Efrat, put her feet up and watched the goldfish all day, but since her Aliyah she has been active both in her town and in the settlement enterprise. Olim like Zahava will contribute to the strengthening of Israel and its people!
To get your copy of Settling for More, contact .
In addition to launching her book tonight, Zahava included the great projects of the One Israel Fund. One Israel's latest campaign, IY"H, will benefit our soldiers.
One Israel is raising funds to provide a shluker (water pouch) for IDF combat units in order to give soldiers an additional three liters of water in the most comfortable and portable way. To find out more about sponsoring a shluker, see .
Kol hakavod to Yael and Zahava for remembering the past and celebrating the future of the Jewish people.

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  1. It's a great way to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah with true significance and meaning behind it.