Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Equal Privileges for Gilad Schalit and Hamas?

I read on JPost this morning that Hamas warned that if Israel toughened the conditions of Hamas prisoners, they would toughen Gilad Schalit's conditions.
Well, it was good to know that Gilad Schalit has good conditions. Or does he? Perhaps the Red Cross should go into Gaza and see if Schalit's conditions equal those of Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails.
Right now Hamas prisoners (among them, terrorists) in Israeli jails have "family visits, television, books, newspapers and the option to pursue academic studies."
Hamas is upset that Israel might take those privileges away.
Does Gilad Schalit get family visits? I haven't heard that Noam Schalit has been able to visit his sun since Gilad's kidnapping in 2006.
Does Gilad get TV in his Hamas prison? It would be interesting to know what his jailers' favorite show is? The Deadliest Warrior? ( Dancing with the Stars? (
Does Gilad Schalit get to read books? In what language? Does he have access to the Hamas prison library?
Is he able to pursue his academic studies? If so, four years in captivity means he should be just about finished with his college courses. Arab arch-terrorist and mega-murderer Marwan Barghouti of Fatah got his PhD in prison, and many Arab prisoners get their bagrut (matriculation) and higher degrees in Israeli prison, courtesy of the Israeli taxpayer.
By virtue of Hamas' latest protests, we must assume that Gilad is also spending his time studying for a Bachelors Degree from University of Cairo. We pray for his imminent release, IY"H, and hope to attend his graduation.

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