Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Birthday Gift Like No Other

Moshe Rabbeinu was almost 120 years old when Hashem commanded him to write a Sefer Torah. “Now, write this Song for yourselves and teach it". (Devarim 31:19)
Uri Pearlman didn't want to wait that long to write his Sefer Torah. When he turned 40, three years ago, his wife Tali wanted to throw him a party. Uri told her, "If you'd really like to give me something special, then let us write a Sefer Torah for the health and well-being of our family."
They commissioned the devoted sofer (scribe) Yisrael Shiran to write the Torah, and after creating a magnificent Sefer, tonight the Torah was dedicated to the Orot HaZayit synagogue on the Zayit Hill of Efrat.
I had the opportunity to attend this beautiful Hachnasat Sefer Torah, and I walked in just when my own husband was being honored with writing a letter in the Torah.
Parties are great. Birthday presents are terrific. Dedicating a Sefer Torah for one's birthday is the most meaningful present a person can have.
Rabbi Nathan Lopez Cordoza says, "...the Torah is called a Song. 'Now write yourselves this Song' means that it needs to become one’s ongoing Song of life and not just an inheritance."
I am sure that the Pearlman family will sing the mitzvah of this Song of life always.
Mazel tov.

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