Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Truth about Israeli Arab Aspirations

I don’t have TV reception in my home, so I don’t watch the nightly television news. But I do have a computer, and I usually catch really important events on one of my favorite websites, .
When I have a very rare free moment, I flip through the latest wejew offerings. Tonight, I caught a clip from a news program two weeks ago, “Shocking Confrontation on Israeli TV News,”
In this news clip, Israeli newsman Dan Margalit interviews Israeli MK Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assembly) about his protest against Israel for the suffering of the people of Gaza. (Zahalka is pictured above left with fellow Arab MK Ahmed Tibi.) Speaking of suffering, Margalit brings up the 8000 kassams fired by Gazans on Sderot. It was all downhill from there.
How could an interview between two civilized men deteriorate to shouting and screaming?
MK Jamal Zahalka is a dignified Arab member of Knesset. He lives in Kfar Kara, one of the wealthier Arab towns in the “Triangle”, only 35 kilometers southeast of Haifa inside the Green Line. Jamal is a pharmacist by profession - educated by the State of Israel in Jerusalem’s own Hebrew University. This fine upstanding Arab MK took over his party after Azmi Bishara fled the country. Looking at him, we are assured that he is a reasonable and upstanding citizen, a positive example of all Israeli Arabs. He’s been in the Knesset for three terms already, serving our nation. This year he is a member of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee, so he has influence on what our children are learning in both formal and informal educational venues in Israel.
In the news clip, Margalit and his co-anchor ask MK Jamal Zahalka why he doesn’t demand that Egypt stop the suffering in Gaza. Zahalka comments that Israel has left dead children in its wake, and that Defense Minister Ehud Barak listens to classical music while killing Arab children (a parallel to reinforce the Nazi image Arabs like to portray of the Israeli army and its leaders).
Margalit refuses to let that comment pass, and he and his guest begin screaming at one another, until Margalit asks Zahalka to leave.
But Zahalka demands the last word, and as he is escorted off the set, at 2:40 on the video, he screams, “It’s Sheikh Munis here!”
Margalit fires back, “It's Sheikh Munis here? The truth comes out. Here is the truth. You want to capture the land HERE in Israel.”
Ah yes, the truth comes out. And even Dan Margalit sees it.
(At left, before the Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, Jamal Zahalka carries a sign demanding that Israel leave the "settlements".)
While the Israeli media has tried to brainwash the Jewish nation into believing that the only reason we do not have peace with the Arabs is because of those infernal “settlements,” civilized distinguished Arab MK Jamal Zahalka finally reveals the truth to the Israeli public.
“This is Sheikh Munis.” What is Sheikh Munis? Today, we call it Ramat Aviv, that upscale neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv, which is populated by a majority of leftwing Israelis, many of whom demand the destruction of Judea and Samaria for the sake of peace.
Well, my brothers in Ramat Aviv, Jamal Zahalka did not storm off of the nightly news set screaming, “Ariel is Arab. Maale Adumim belongs to Arabs.” He left saying, “This (Ramat Aviv) is Arab!!”
And Dan Margalit picked up on it. The Arabs aren’t burning for Ariel, Tekoa, Maale Adumim or Kedumim. They want Sheikh Munis (Ramat Aviv), Deir Yassin (Har Nof), Haifa, Jaffa, Akko, Lod, Ramla and about 432 other villages, towns and cities in Israel, according to the US Library of Congress.
Israel’s pre-State forces believed that Sheikh Munis had to be taken under Israeli control. It was strategically located near the Sde Dov airport, and armed Arab villagers within firing range of the airport and the Israeli roads and towns in the heart of the country were a security threat to the Jewish State.
Well, today, the government threatens to destroy Jewish towns inside Judea and Samaria, making way for armed Arab villagers to come within firing range of our international airport, Ben Gurion, and our country’s main cities - a danger to our country’s very existence. The media has tried to hide the truth, but in front of the entire viewing public Israeli Knesset Member Jamal Zahalka reminds us of the agenda – not of the Palestinian Authority – but of Israel’s own Arab population – the takeover of Israeli towns in the heart of the country.
Thank you, Jamal, for admitting the truth. Now, it’s up to the Jewish people to admit it as well.

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  1. This is an important video - but there is mountains of evidence that Israeli Arabs are a fifth column that will join the "palestinians" and hamas/hizbullah to enact the final solution inside Israel - what is terrifying - is that even with video evidence like this - this arab traitor will enjoy Knesset salary, car, and will retire with generous pension and then be paid HUGE money by Arab countries to consult with them regarding the destruction of Israel. The greater fool theory applies here - this arab is no idiot - he knows that he could say out loud he wants to conquer Tel Aviv - and there would be zero change in government policy - the problem is not in Zahalka - but in ourselves - if we don't proactively act to remove all arabs from any position of authority in the Israeli government - we deserve what will happen - the Israeli Arabs will follow the stronger hand - and right now that is Iran and its armies (hamas/hizbullha) - how will we win a war with 1mm arabs rioting and attacking from within - clear the house now of these arab madmen - or we will pay with our lives and the lives of our children...I vote to take care of business now...