Sunday, January 10, 2010

Efrat Businesspeople Go SOCIAL

Social media (internet stuff like blogs, facebook, twitter) are quickly becoming a vital part in our personal and business lives. Our kids sit on facebook whenever they're not in school. Folks opt to watch internet clips more often than reading print info. 96% of the "Y Generation" has joined some sort of social media. And there are about 200,000 bloggers in the world. I'm one of them.
So, tonight, Avi Abelow, co-founder and head of NEW ISRAEL MEDIA, taught Efratians how to connect via social media. Tonight's meeting focused on Efrat businesspeople, teaching them how to use the newest social media that's popped up today, TWOOZER, . It's a Jewish Twitter. Instead of a kazillion messages and members, right now it has hundreds and will soon have thousands. It gives you news in mini-blogs, short concise comments, instantaneous postings. It's more focused than Twitter, and Efrat businesspeople are learning how to focus it even more - first, on Israel and further, on Efrat's local news, local environment and local business.
The Bagel Place in the Te'ena hosted tonight's meeting, co-sponsored as well by New Israel Media and our own Voices Magazine,
It was a gorgeous night (of course we would have rather had rain), and we sat outside as Avi walked us through the use of Twoozer, and explained how it can generate business and interaction between people, neighbors, customers/businesses, etc.
Avi taught everyone how to sign up for Twoozer, send a message, and join an Efrat and/or Gush Etzion group. He also sent out the following five tips to using Twoozer, - how to conduct yourself online to develop and maintain a relationship so that people are interested in hearing what you have to say:
1. Add Value
2. Be Real
3. Do Good Things
4. Listen
5. Respond
If you want people to connect with you personally, as a fellow resident, or through your business or organization, you've got to interact with them in positive ways. As Avi said, "People buy from people, not businesses."
The first step is to develop a personal relationship with others on social media. Some of these will be friends, become friends, and also be your customer.
That's what we learned tonight - interacting on Twoozer.
This was the first evening teaching Efratians about social media. Avi will host one in the future in Hebrew as well.
Meanwhile, our founding Efrat/Gush Etzion Twoozer group would like to invite our fellow Efrat/Gush residents and friends to Twooze with us.
You don't have to stop reading/writing to the Efrat Email list. You don't have to close your facebook. You don't have to quit anything. All these are complementary, interconnected media, and each has its purpose.
Join Twoozer, . (I just checked the site and there are already Efrat messages up there. COOOOOL. A new toy.)
It's a new world, and we should all try to be a part of it.
A VOICES TV video clip will be up in a few days. You can check www.voices-magazine before the end of the week to see more.

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