Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hail to the Chief and to You Too

Okay, if you read yesterday's and today's blog, you'll get the idea that weather is a big deal here. Yes, it is.
When it's dry and hot, we worry that our water supply is evaporating (and it is).
When it's wet and what you'd call nasty, we're all jumping for joy. We're praying that some of that rain will make it into the Kinneret, the Jordan River, and the underground acquifers.
Yesterday we had a gorgeous and fabulous rain - http://voices-magazine.blogspot.com/2010/01/incredible-light-show.html.
Today we had terrific rains and even hail. I was driving home two of the boys from my Cartooning Club, and it began to hail. We all started screaming with delight. The hail tap tap tapped on my windshield and the noise was so loud, it sounded like background music for an action-adventure movie. One of the boys said, "Yeah, hail. Next is snow." I think that was a little optimistic, but then again, "Ya neva know."
Although the forecast for my area tomorrow is just heavy winds, Mt. Hermon is expecting a heavy winter storm, B"H. Yes! And may the waters from that storm splash right into the Kinneret.
Today as we were in the thick of the rainstorm, the electricity in all of Efrat went out for quite a while. I was in my Cartooning Club, and suddenly all the kids and I were sitting in the dark.
You'd think that pandemonium would break out. It didn't. Everyone just stayed in his seat while my teacher, the fabulous Shlomi Charka, went to the office to find out what the procedure was for a blackout.
Meanwhile, the kids had their own ideas. Emergency lights were on in the hallways, and everyone just picked up his papers and went out into the hallways to draw. Cartoon and Comics artists are serious people.
B"H, the lights came back and the rain continued.
The streets were rivers (and that's the way we like it) and tires made high TV commercial-like splashes as cars drove down the roads.
I am sorry for any of the hikers or drivers that were hurt or frightened by the sudden flash floods and ultra-heavy rains. We want you safe, AND we want the rain.
May Hashem watch over our people rain or shine.

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