Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Benny Katz 1,2,3, next

I just returned from the brit of my newest great-nephew, Binyamin.
He's also the nephew of my nephew, Binyamin.
And he's the cousin of my grandson, Binyamin.
All these little boys bear the name of my dear father-in-law, Binyamin Katz, o'h.
My father-in-law was a lovely quiet man, a gentle man who was also a gentleman. He always had a nice thing to say to each person he met - a joke, a compliment, a smile.
So, it was only natural that after he passed away, his children and grandchildren, all of whom loved him dearly, would want to remember him by naming a child after him.
[My father-in-law Binyamin, o'h, is pictured above with his family (May they all live and be well until 120.) FYI - the baby in his arms is the grandmother of the family's newest Binyamin and bli ayin hara many many other little tikes. Also pictured are my husband and publisher - the little boy on the right - his older sister on the left, and my mother-in-law, may she be blessed with good health ad 120.]
Right now, B"H, bli ayin hara, I have a bevy of beautiful granddaughters and one delicious little grandson, Binyamin.
IY"H, when my children are blessed with boys, I am sure each family will have a Binyamin, IY"H. So, I'm just wondering how that will work. Will we call them Binyamin Katz 1, Binyamin Katz 2, etc.
Will we call one Benny, one Binny, one Benjy?
Or will we call them by their father's name Binyamin Natah, Binyamin Mati, etc.?
Or by their age - Binyamin 6, Binyamin 3?
Or by their home - Binyamin Yehuda, Binyamin Shomron, Binyamin Binyamin?
It should be interesting. And IY"H, I look forward to finding out how we'll deal with a den of little Binyaminim running around. May Hashem allow us, IY"H, to see that day, and watch all of them grow up to Torah, chuppah and good deeds.

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  1. MAZAL TOV!!
    They should just be healthy!!
    I'm sure that everyone will have a different nickname, like Benny, Binny, Bibi, Ben, Beany, Benji, and maybe there will even be a Binyamin...