Tuesday, January 12, 2010

443 - Why Wait for Disaster?

Everyone who lives in the Modi'in area, has family or friends there, or is simply concerned for Jewish life is very upset (Please replace with a stronger word!) that Highway 443 is going to be open to Arab traffic.
I don't think anyone has forgotten that 443 was a death trap before 2002 when Arabs shot and killed Jews driving on that highway. Since then the IDF has closed the highway to PA Arab traffic. The 14 miles connect Jerusalem to Modi'in, Chashmonaim, Kiryat Sefer, Talmon, etc. All of Israel agrees that this lifeline to Modi'in must not be turned into a death trap. Unfortunately the High Court of Justice does not agree.
They have ruled that the road will open in five months, Heaven help us (and I mean that literally).
Many authorities are screaming that Jews will no longer drive on the 443, and opt to use Route One (the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway), which will put so much pressure on the Highway, that it might chas v'shalom collapse in tremendous traffic jams that will paralyze the entire route.
Well, my question/suggestion is: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR??
Instead of driving Highway 443 until the day five months from now when it is opened to PA Arabs, chas v'shalom, and then switching to Route One, why not SWITCH TO ROUTE ONE NOW, and let the public, the government, the High Court, the IDF see what Route One will be like with the overflowing traffic. This action might change the High Court's mind.
Instead of waiting five months and reacting, LET'S BE PROACTIVE. If you drive on 443, drive on Route One instead - thousands and thousands more cars on Route One.
The traffic will be unbearable.
The High Court might unfortunately not care if Jewish lives are endangered by opening 443 to PA Arab traffic, but perhaps it will care when the Route One is brought to its knees with overcapacity traffic.


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