Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January?? Are you sure??
** My friend from America just emailed me, "What's with the rain?" B"H, for an understanding friend, who isn't emailing, "What's with the Prime Minister, the government, the freeze?" Like many of us in Israel, my friend is in tune with our lives here, and he's got his mind on important stuff, "What's with the rain?"
** On Sunday, my friends and I went out to lunch together for the first time in ages. Sitting by the window, we gazed outside and watched folks walking past in light clothing, no jackets. The sky was blue, a little wispy, but not a hefty cloud in sight. Everyone looked outside and say, "Wierd."
** On Monday, I was driving through town and saw one of my friends. Opening the window at a red light, we both greeted each other and simultaneously said, "Gorgeous day, I'd rather have rain!!" Later that day, I came out of my comics club with two of the boys in my group. The sky was totally overcast. I said, "Maybe it will rain. Yay." One of the boys cut my hopes short, "No, Sharon that is just fog. There is no rain in the sky."
** Tonight, Tuesday, I went to the wedding of my childhood friend's daughter. We stood outside at the beautiful chuppah, and no one was shivering as they usually do. They were just standing, watching, smiling and wondering how we could be standing outside in mid-January without even a sweater.
There is something majorly wrong. I asked my friends, "Anyone praying for rain yet?? Shouldn't we be praying for rain? What's the rain story?"
B"H, i just got home from a very leibidik wedding, entered my office to close my computer and I noticed that IsraelNationalNews.com reported that Israel's Chief Sephardi Rabbi HaRav Shlomo Amar, shlita, said that we must begin praying for rain.
Finally. I'm ready.
We should remember that it's not just about praying for rain. We must look into our hearts and souls and see how we can improve ourselves so that we should deserve the rain!
INN's Malkah Fleisher quoted the Rav, "It is our obligation in this situation to look inward and to actualize [good] deeds, to draw near to G-d with all our hearts, and to pour out our pleas to Him with a broken and forlorn heart."
So, that is the message today. Israel doesn't get its water from mighty rivers or melted mountain snows. Our water comes from the Heavens, and we must do we what we can to reach the Heavens with our prayers and open those Heavenly rain spouts, so that our Land can once again drink in the life-giving waters from Above.
Let us influence all those around us to be good to one another, and sincerely look to Hashem for His help. May you and your family have a down pour of blessings, and may the Jewish Nation call out to Hashem and be answered.
Speaking of HaRav Shlomo Amar. I was at the Kotel when the Chief Rabbi lit the Kotel's Menorah on Chanukah. HaRav Amar blessed Am Yisrael with great abundance. You can read it here: http://voices-magazine.blogspot.com/2009/12/blessings-for-you-and-yours.html.
Or watch the Rav giving his blessings here: http://voices-magazine.com/voices-videos.php?id=88.

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