Monday, September 21, 2009

LUV this time of the year

Shana tova to all. We're back after a very inspiring holiday.
This Rosh Hashana season is really my favorite time of year - not only because I get to cleanse myself of my sins (or at least try), but because in my neighborhood, it's the time we share the "Fruits of our Labor".
One of the special things about living in Israel is the beautiful fruit that we grow right in our own backyards. One neighbor has sabras and pomegranates. Another has plums, figs and apples. We've got pears and parsimons.
And erev Rosh Hashana, everyone was out with his basket of fruits, delighting the neighbors with their gifts of good will and delicious fruit.
Our pair tree gave 30 little fruits this year, and we were so excited to share them. Our next-door neighbor's figs and apples were drippy-sweet.
I can't wait for Sukkot, IY"H, so that I can have the pleasure of watching my husband and sons march off to shul with the etrogim (citron fruits) that come from our own tree.
Well, I guess we can't be surprised. We live in Gush ETZ (tree)ion, so if we can't grow fantabulastic stuff on our trees, who can?

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