Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I belong to an International Circle of women saying Psalms (Tehillim - in Hebrew) for those who are ill. Because the new year is coming up, our circle will be especially concentrating prayers on G-d's healing the sick.
This morning, I told my fellow listmates, on our community list, that if they wished, they could send me their list of ill (cholim - in Hebrew) . Well, within minutes, I received dozens upon dozens of names.
Friends, there are so many problems in the world - political, social, economic, environmental. We can sigh about them, or we can do our best to fix them.
But one thing is clear - THE HEALTH OF OUR FRIENDS & LOVED ONES is the most important factor in our lives. That is a very beautiful quality in our people, and all people - the kind and caring heart that wishes well-being to those we care about.
As the new year approaches, my blessings to you for good health for those whom you cherish.

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