Monday, September 21, 2009

Comics, yes, funny too

I just got back from my newest club - COMICS. My teacher is fabulous cartoonist, Shlomi Tcharka. Readers of Otiot and other magazines surely know him. Talented. Patient. Smart. Brother of comic superstar Shai Tcharka. WHAT DID THEIR MOTHER EAT when she was pregnant with these two?
Three pre-teen boys were sitting at the art tables, when I walked into the chug for the first time, and I thought I saw their eyes pop right out of their heads. I thought I heard it too. Really, there was some kind of popping sound. P-O-P. "Middle Aged Mother Scares Off Comics Students"
But I kept a low profile, and they got through the first class without fleeing for their lives. I'm sure it made our teacher relieved too.
Tonight was our second session. We had to draw characatures. I picked the young man opposite me, and the youngest boy at the end of the table, pulled his chair right up to mine and started sketching. His sketch was great. Mine was pretty good too. I even remembered to put in my subject's freckles. So, we ended this class with everyone laughing, and I guess I'm not so scary to them any more.
COMICS is a great activity. I'm really loving it. It might launch me on yet another career. Of course, I'd need another four hours a day for it, but I'll find that time somewhere.
PS - I'm going to give you a free lesson. Draw a character. If you want him to be sympathetic or funny, use circles. If you want him to be a bad guy, use angles. Send me your samples. We'll compare.

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