Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flying Over A Perfect World

On Friday morning, my husband Israel and I had the experience of a lifetime. We flew in a private Cessna Plane over the eastern coast of Israel. Our pilot, Avi Silas, eased us into the cockpit by explaining the dynamics of flying and how the plane actually works. The explanations were fascinating, but the actual flight was beyond anything I would have imagined.
I've flown over Israel before, but only to land at Ben Gurion on my way home, never for the sake of flying and seeing our beautiful land. Avi took off from Herzelia, flew us over the Ra'anana Amphitheater, then up the coast over Netanya, Hadera, Caesaria, the Pre-State Atleet Detention Camp, Haifa and back again. He pointed out the landmarks of each place, and even dipped a wing once in a while so we could get a better view.
We wore headsets and mikes so that we can talk with one another, and we could even hear air traffic control. As they signed off from each pilot, they said, "Shabbat shalom. Gmar chatima tova." You don't hear that in Kennedy or O'Haire Airports.
Avi Silas is an engineer by trade, but his passion is flying. Having now clocked an hour in flight with him, I understand the enchantment. Avi said, "From above, everything in Israel looks perfect." And so it does. From above, there are no dissensions or troubles, just perfect square buildings, deep and rich colored farmland, patches of trees and tracts of agriculture.
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This Shabbat, we read the parasha (chapter) of Haazinu, in which Hashem said to Moses, "Ascend to this mount of Abarim, Mount Nebo...and see the Land of Canaan that I give to the Children of Israel as an inheritance..." (Deuteronomy 32:48)
I had always felt so heartbroken at this passage. Moshe, who loved the Land of Israel more than anything, was unable to enter. Now, however, I realize that Hashem gave Moshe a special gift. He was able to see Israel like we did last week - in a perfect state - with no imperfections, troubles or dissensions. Hashem let Moses see Israel at its best. That must have been very comforting.
It also made me appreciate my beautiful Land even more, and to thank Hashem for not only having the opportunity to see it from above, but hopefully help contribute to making it that perfect Israel that Moses saw.
Tomorrow night is Yom Kippur. May we achieve true repentance and be blessed with a Shana Tova - a happy healthy safe and prosperous new year.

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