Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Purim Parades Take to the Streets

One of the favorite parts of every Purim is the pre-Purim Ad Lo Yada Parade. Just about every neighborhood has it. In my hometown, the children of every school marched through the streets with music blaring and costumes flaring. I love the excitement of the early morning celebration. There is such joy in the nippy air.

And just about every costume you can think of: Pirates, spies, Biblical heroes. Princesses, strawberries, Albert Einstein. Clowns on stilts, peddler men, doctors and their patients. Harry Potter, the Cat in the Hat and even the Mona Lisa.
Students and teachers all dressed up. Parents (and grandparents) came in droves with cameras snapping away.

Everyone enjoyed the spectacle, and even the drivers that were held up in parade traffic kept their cool.
I had as much fun as the kids, and so did the Mayor of our town, the head of our Local Community Center and our security chiefs. Just plain Purim joy.
Take a peek:
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