Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Famous for Our Children

In every era of our lives, we receive our fame for something different.
When I was young, everyone said, "You're Belle's daughter. Wow, your mother is one of a kind." B"H, bli ayin hara, my mother should live and be well until 120, I got lots of congrats thanks to all the chesed (acts of loving kindness) and volunteerism that she performed over the years.
When we moved to Efrat and my husband being chief baal koreh (the person who reads the Torah) in his synagogue, I received lots of kudos, "Wow, you're Izzy's wife. I love hearing him lein (read the Torah)." I still get that today.
When I became editor of Voices, plus founded Raise Your Spirits, Dames of the Dance, and became involved in  Gush Katif Brides, Pina Chama, my children's school and other charities, B"H, I received acclaim and appreciation for my own endeavors.
But I have to admit that my favorite situation for which I get tons of kudos, thank G-d, is being the mother of...
When my varied children were active in different school events, or when they excelled in yeshiva, or they were distinguished in the army, or they made a positive difference in their community, I was proud to receive the congratulations for their accomplishments. :) I think there's nothing more fulfilling in life than to have someone come up to you and say, "You're ___'s mother. Zachit (you merited) an incredible child. It's an honor to be his/her friend." And B"H, it has happened in each of their neighborhoods and among each of their "crowds".
This week while volunteering in Pina Chama (Soldiers Hospitality Hut), I was greeted "extra happily" by many soldiers. I mean, soldiers are always sweet and friendly in Pina Chama. They reach for their coffee and brownies, and are all smiles. This week, they were almost giddy when they said, hi.
Then I found out why.
My son happens to be in miluim (reserve duty) now in the Gush Etzion area. (That's a very rare treat in our family.) And his soldiers found out that their comrade had a mother in Pina Chama. They had to say, hi.
So, they came in in waves. "Wow, you're his mother!! Wow!! What an amazing person!! We love him!! Wow, you're his mother!!"
They were so sweet and excited to meet me. We chatted and laughed, and we even took some photos. I guess they wanted to find out if I lived up to the impression they had of my son. B"H, I think they weren't disappointed.
Here's to the Mother of ____, the Father of ____. Have nachas from all of your children.

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  1. I am so proud of you! Your kids are proud of you! You make all of Am Yisrael proud! We all love you so much! Zachiti to the most wonderful aunt in the world!!! Tizkee l'mitzvot ad meah v'esrim!