Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Encouraging Talent

Every community has its share of children who just l-o-v-e one hobby or another. They can't get enough dance, swimming practice, judo, roller-blading, tennis, gymnastics.
My town has that too. We've also got a bunch of young people who love music. Many of them study drums, clarinet, guitar, piano, saxophone, vocal and more at the Efrat Community Center. They get encouragement and support there from professional musicians who are training the next generation.
This week, the Matnas of Efrat showcased some of its most promising young students in a Benefit Concert for Kimcha D'Pischa (charity before Passover). Not only did the young future stars perform, but so did their teachers. The afternoon was an intimate affair, and the atmosphere was charming. So were the kids.
Azzi Tzuval, star of children's TV on Meir TV, acted as master of ceremonies.
Thanks to Chagit Dahan and the Efrat Community Center for putting the spotlight on these talented youngsters and their musical mentors.

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