Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith in Spring

The weather in Israel has been so crazy lately. Rain (thank G-d), snow, sunny skies, hail, hot days, sleet, sunshine, rain, hail, freezing temperatures, warmth again.
Hellllllooo, make up your mind. 
I don't know whether to wear a winter coat or a sweater or a t-shirt.
After a few cold days, it was just so magnificent on Thursday, I was going to sit outside in my corner (remember my corner? - and say my morning prayers.
Despite the sunshine, it was a bit soggy in my garden, so I headed to the porch, and suddenly I saw it...the first real spring flower blossoming in my garden. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Happy.
It doesn't matter what the forecasters say about wintry weather. It doesn't matter what the weather/hail/sleet is saying. My beautiful white flowers are proof that the spring is coming, IY"H. I have faith in the spring, in the breath of innocence and newness, in the rebirth of the world and everything in it.
Tonight the windshield on our car was so frozen, it took us eight minutes before we could drive away. I'm not disappointed. Tomorrow, IY"H, the sun will shine and my spring flowers will greet the day.

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