Monday, March 19, 2012

Israel - The Cost of Living

At the time of the first Intifada (Arab uprising) when Israel's stones became deadly weapons in the hands of Arab youth and adults, Israelis were encouraged to put migun (rock proofing plastic) on their car windows. So, instead of stopping the Arab rock throwers, Israel rock-proofed the cars. This cost to the government was approximately 4 million shekels each year.
Now, although in many incidents, the migun on cars has proven itself a life-saver, today the government says it is out of money for the program. Now, what?
Since the Arabs have graduated from rocks to missiles and kassams, not just drivers' lives are in danger. The entire South unfortunately is under the threat of Gaza's murderous rockets, which are aimed at Israel's heaviest populated areas.
In its attempt to protect its citizens (without wiping out the terrorists), the government has decided to fortify Israel's Medical Centers against missiles and bombs in the center of the country. Israel National News reported that "approximately 100 thousand square meters of protective coating on windows" will be installed in 28 Medical Centers at a cost of more than 15 million shekels. Small change. And what about the rest of the Medical Centers?
Its next action has been a bit more pricey. Instead of totally finishing off the terrorists, who are threatening the lives of millions of people, the Israeli government has developed a partial defense system, called the Iron Dome. Each Iron Dome costs between $50-70 Million. There are currently three in operation – protecting Beersheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod. But the country needs 13 of these. You do the math. I can't count that high.
The system works pretty well. A computer determines if an incoming missile from Gaza is going to hit a populated area, and if it is, the missile attempts to destroy the rocket. Great. So, instead of destroying the terrorists in Gaza who shoot these $100 missiles at Israeli cities, Israel shoots its own anti-missile Tamir missiles at a cost of $70,000-$100,000 each. Again, you do the math.
I wonder how long the State of Israel can go on, spending more than 1000 times more than the Arabs on its "Cost of Living." And everyone here is complaining about the price of cottage cheese. 

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