Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow in Modi'in

There are some children in Israel who have never seen snow. And there are some children who grew up with snow in their former Diaspora lives, and miss it very much in their new homes in Israel.
To give joy to both kinds of children, the city of Modi'in has trucked in five large containers of snow from Mt. Hermon so that children from the city could play in a winter wonderland.
Modi'in's temperatures are usually too warm and mild for snow, but this storm was trucked in specially for family fun.

The snow was set down outside the Azrieli Mall. Hundreds of children climbed snow mountains, threw snowballs and made snowpeople. (Some just wondered, "What on earth is this? I'm freezing!") 
The snow is only available today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday, February 14 and 15), but if the folks from Modi'in want to drive a bit, we're expecting traditional snow from the heavens to descend this Shabbat in the higher elevations.
So, everyone's invited to join us on Saturday night or Sunday in Gush Etzion for giant snow ball fights, "skiing" in the park and sloshing all over the streets.
I cannot wait!!!

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