Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom for Safety on the Roads

I had loads of fun today acting in a music video for Safety on the Roads.
At left with me are my fellow performers Meir and Eden from Jerusalem, and filmmaker Amit Benatar.
No, I didn't dance in the music video, but thanks for thinking I'd be asked to do so. I performed as a loving caring mother. B"H, not a difficult thing to do.
On the eve of Chanukah, my town of Efrat inaugurated a new life-saving traffic circle at the Southern Entrance of the community. On that occasion, in the presence of Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz and local dignitaries, Efrat's young people's choir performed a terrific song about Safety on the Roads. You can see the ceremony and a clip from the song here
Today choir master Amit Benatar (who's also a filmmaker) created a music video around this song.
The video portrays a family in which the teenage son takes the car to school, and you can guess the rest.
As the devoted mother, my first job was to make a sandwich for my son on the way to school. I worked very hard on this role, because in the kazillion years that I sent my children to school, I wasn't usually the sandwich maker. So I had to really fake it.
Then I had to open the door at the end of the day to the dreaded policeman. Our policeman, Moshe, was very smiley. He said he's always smiley, but this wasn't a smiley part. So, with his police cap on, and his radio murmuring, Moshe appeared at "my door" with a solemn expression.
The filming was fun, even though I had to make my peanut butter (Skippy creamy) sandwich and then greet the policeman from every angle. Amit didn't miss a trick.
And if this video encourages teenagers to drive more carefully, YAY!! Kol hakavod to Matnas Efrat, Amit Benatar, the choir and everyone else involved. IY"H, your song might save a life.

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