Friday, December 9, 2011

Singing in the Rain

If you're reading this from Israel, you know that IT RAINED on Thursday evening - a real rain - just like it rained in the old country. It rained for a few hours. It rained until there were puddles. It rained until little rivulets ran down the street. It rained until all the shopping bags from today's supermarket excursion were dotted with beads of water.
Boy, we need that rain! Israel National News reported that the Kinneret "water level of the lake now stands at 701.049 feet below sea level -- still 13.77 feet below the level at which conditions are considered 'normal.'" And we need much more serious rain to make any improvements (which we so desperately need) in the Kinneret.
My three-year-old granddaughter and I were driving back from shopping, and as the windshield wipers shwished and shwooshed, we decided to sing a rain song. "Hooray for the rain. Hooray for the rain. Thank you, Hashem, for the blessed blessed rain."
She loved our little ditty, but then she asked me to sing in the rain, sing in the rain. I was singing in the rain, and she was joining me. Well, I finally realized that she was asking me to sing, "Singing in the Rain." The tap troupe in which I dance is learning "Singing in the Rain" and we're often singing and dancing it all over my house. I didn't know that my three-year-old caught on. But she did.
So, we sang the Gene Kelly version, which I actually tap to (but not while driving) - And then I went into a spirit Judy Garland version, which has always been one of my favorites -
My granddaughter loved them both, but that wasn't enough. She wanted everyone singing along with us, but we were alone in the car, so I "talk boxed" my sister in Florida, so that we could all sing together.
The sun was shining in Central Florida. The flamingos and the alligators were soaking up the rays, but we were all singing in the rain.
B"H for all of today's rain. I'm in my office now, listening to the cars phttttitttatt-ing by as the rain spins in their tires. It's music to my ears. Almost as good as "Singing in the Rain."

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