Thursday, December 22, 2011

Biblical Fiction Author Ben-Tzion Spitz of Destiny's Call

I just completed an amazing new book by a local Gush Etzion author, Ben-Tzion Spitz. 

Destiny’s Call: Book One - Genesis is Ben-Tzion's first work of Biblical Fiction. It is 187 pages long and published by Valiant Publishing.
Ben-Tzion Spitz began writing Biblical Fiction as a reaction to the losing battle that the Bible today is waging against TV, movies and the internet. Inspired by success of JRR Tolkien’s rich, exciting and detailed realm of The Lord of the Rings, Ben-Tzion looked at Jewish history and wanted to bring it to life for today’s readers. Although lacking elves and hobbits, Ben-Tzion wrote, “We have a history, a tradition, a story of Man himself. From the beginning of time. From the Foundation of History. The story of Adam...Noah…the Flood..Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…the Twelve Tribes…the Exodus…Moses and the Commandments. And much more.” 
Basing his work on extensive biblical commentary, along with research in archaeology and geography, Ben-Tzion masterfully weaves his stories into a fantasy world that he hopes will interest the modern reader enough to send him to the original Sources to discover what is “based upon the text and what is fictional…What else does the Bible say? What other mysteries, adventures and revelations are hidden with in its pages?”
Ben-Tzion’s first novel, Destiny’s Call gives a new dimension of life and drama to the stories and personalities of the book of Genesis (Bereishit). Complete with Tolkein -like maps and timelines, Destiny’s Call grabs readers on page 1 with Lemech the blind blacksmith and doesn’t loosen its grasp until the sly Pharoah takes the scene.
In between Ben-Tzion fascinates us with tales of the iron rule of Nimrod the masochistic megalomaniac;  the private debates of Aner, Eshkol and Mamre; the personal post-blessing crisis between Isaac and Rebecca; the last moments of Rachel’s life and more. I could not put Destiny’s Call down. In this book of gems, the thrilling story of Joseph’s trial before Pharoah is the jewel in the volume’s crown. 
Ben-Tzion will soon be publishing novels based on the other four books of the Chumash.

Meet the author and explore the epic world of Biblical Fiction in this Voices video clip:

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