Monday, December 19, 2011

Always Fair Weather

It's a beautiful day. Okay, it should be raining,'s a beautiful day to go to a fair.
The Matnas of Efrat has a fair going on right now.
I love fairs. Whether they're in parking lots or on gym floors, I love fairs. They remind me of the Old County Fairs in America. Well, they don't have livestock here or 100 pound pumpkins or blue ribbons for the town's best jam, but they've got the greatest selection of home-based crafts and boutique businesses around.
Right now in the Matnas, they've got organic dates from the Jordan Valley growers association, home-made children's gifts, like headband holders (bet you never heard of headband holders), fabulous home-made jewelry, ingenious wooden games, knitted sweaters, ceramics, plus a representation of the small home-based businesses in the area from clothing to photography to Shabbat candle oil and Chanukah cookies.
I was proud from the moment I walked in and saw Dapei Katom - - to the second I left. There's nothing like a fair. You shmooze with the vendors and the fellow buyers and you go home with creative gifts you can't get anywhere else.

Buy some goodies and enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Thats such an ingenious idea.
    Different towns make fairs randomly they end up a couple weeks before/ after Hannukah, but why not make it right before.
    Everyone runs around looking for original fun gifts for the fily which are hard to find in the regular stores.
    It should be made a thing everywhere.