Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Chanukah - One Light. One People

Happy Chanukah.
Tonight all over the world Jews are lighting their Chanukah menorahs. In Hebrew, they're called Chanukiyot (to distinguish them from the seven branched menorah that stood in the Holy Temple).
Chanukah is one of the rare holidays that just about all Jews on every continent celebrate. Tonight each person is lighting one candle, the first of the week.
It's such a great feeling to sense the unity of Am Yisrael (the Jewish Nation) at this moment. Whether they're lighting in stone, in silver or in a tiny wooden menorah – everyone is lighting. One candle. One light. One family. One nation.
B"H, we're lucky to belong to this ancient people, to recall the miracle of Chanukah, to recall the devotion of the Hasmoneans to G-d, Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.
Happy Chanukah. May your lights shine brightly.

Not familiar with the story of Chanukah? 
Well, watch here (let the video download fully before watching) : 

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