Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Son the Almost Doctor

Actually, it's not my son. And he's not a doctor. But the title sounded good.
My friend's son became a Medic today in the Israel Defense Forces. A medic is almost like a field doctor in combat. He is trained in all kinds of emergency medical procedures. And he stays with his unit in training, in peace and in war. He is not only trained in his company's expertise, but he is also trained with the skills of just about every form of lifesaving.
The thing that so surprised me about the medics' graduation ceremony (and B"H, I've been to many Army graduations) is the recitation of the "Oath of the Medic". The oath was read out loud by the soldiers' commander. In it, each medic agrees to "treat any injured person, be they friend of enemy, and never to leave an injured man behind."
Those are the values of the Israeli Army. 
May Hashem watch over all these medics and their units, and may He keep them all from harm.
Mazel tov to my friends and all parents whose children serve their nation in so many different ways.

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