Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Healthy Play in the 21st Century

My town opened a new playground this week with state-of-the-art equipment imported from Denmark. First glance at the new park makes you wonder, "What's that?" And that's probably the point. On the wiggly and whooshy shapes, the kids can explore and experiment, take on new challenges, make friends and simply have fun.
The park is gorgeous. Its shiny steel and colorful accessories make it a very inviting place. While I was there with my kids, dozens of other children felt "invited" too. Since play areas are created to enhance a child's quality of life, this new park surely passed with flying colors.
Created by Kompan, the folks who "bring play to life", the shapes of the play equipment are as much a work of modern art as they are a function of activity. Kids were twirling on some "modern art", bouncing and balancing, climbing and even skate boarding.
And underneath it all is a new colorful and safe flooring made of recycled rubber tires. Wow, ecological too!
The equipment provided all the raw materials the kids needed for socializing and communicating; imagining and creating new games; tackling new tasks and learning new skills; and getting that playground buzz that comes after a successful day of play.
Thanks to my community Efrat and my local municipality (and whomever else) for the great new park.
The kids and parents loved it.
View our new park here: http://www.voices-magazine.com/index.php?page=inside_page&id=227

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