Friday, April 2, 2010

Roses for My PM

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been criticized so much over the past few months for being a weak-kneed, when he finally does something that shows love of land and bravery in the face of international pressure, we should all stand up and applaud him.
When Netanyahu stood up for a united Jerusalem on his last visit to Washington, my friends and I said, "We should do something to say, 'kol hakavod.'" I didn't do anything. Did you?
Well, I read this morning in that a Florida-based radio host and author Janet Porter was so upset by the way US President Barak Hussein Obama treated Prime Minister Netanyahu that She asked her listeners to join her in sending flowers to the PM. She wanted to send "yellow roses to symbolize friendship, with each bouquet costing a symbolic price of $19.48."
"Christian supporters of Israel went online to the Web site of Porter’s Faith2action organization and ordered the flowers, which were to be accompanied by a card with the words, 'Be encouraged, Americans stand with you,' along with a quote from a psalm: 'The Lord builds up Jerusalem.'"
What a fabulous gesture! What a great message!
Why did we need American Christian friends to send that to Binyamin Netanyahu? Why didn't we think of it? Thousands of flowers with notes of appreciation to the Prime Minister!!
We thank Janet Porter and her friends for waking us up. Let's take it from here!
Every morning when we say the Halleluyahs, we say in Psalm 147, "The Builder of Jerusalem is Hashem, the outcast of Israel He will gather in...Praise Hashem, O Jerusalem, laud you G-d, O Zion. For He has strengthened the bars of your gates, and blessed your children in your midst; He Who makes your borders peaceful..."
The American President is now demanding more and more chas v'shalom deadly concessions from Netanyahu - more lifesaving machsomim (roadblocks) abandoned to Arab traffic, more Jewish land turned over to the Arabs. If our Prime Minister doesn't see positive reinforcement from nationalistic Israelis when he does some courageous, like stand up for our own capital city, then he has no incentive to try to stand up to the tremendous Washingtonian pressure on anything else.
Roses for our PM? Yes. And "Kol hakavod" faxes, "Thank you" emails, and notes of pride.
Take a minute and show Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that standing up for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is indeed the proper and heroic position of a Prime Minister of the State of Israel.
Am Yisrael Chai!

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