Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fallen Soldiers - Rising Soldiers

When my friends Ann and Mordechai Goodman lost their son Yosef, o'h, five years ago in a training accident for the elite Maglan unit of the Israel Defense Forces, our community was absolutely shaken. Yosef was a smiley popular boy - liked by both adults and kids. He was a star athlete and an all-round good guy.
His excellence in the Army brought pride to the entire neighborhood.
When Yosef was killed in a dramatic and tragic training accident - his feet got entangled in the parachute of his commander, and he cut himself loose to save his commander's life - everyone was shocked.
No one would have questioned the Goodmans' choice if they had denied their younger sons permission to enter the Army. Everyone would have surely understood.
But Ann and Mordechai have a different philosophy, and so do their children. Their values are based around serving their country and helping build it in every way possible.
Not only have Yosef's younger brothers entered the Army, but they have and are serving in the IDF's most elite units. They are among today's rising soldiers and rising stars in the IDF. They are soldiers with values, belief and faith. We are proud of them and this new generation of brethren in arms.
The Jerusalem Post just wrote an excellent article about the Goodman family. You can find it here: .
May Hashem watch over the Goodman soldiers as well as all our sons. And may He bless all those their skills, faith, bodies and souls to help Him keep our nation safe.
On Yom HaZikaron, we embrace those families who have lost loved ones. On Yom HaAtzmaut, we thank Hashem for our blessed land and our brethren within it.

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